The artist

Barcelona, 1947

Udaeta is a contemporary sculptor who uses traditional techniques while working with cast iron, Corten steel, and bronze.


A master of shape and form, he transforms metals into sculptures infused with poetic soul-expressions of strength, intensity, and integrality.


His work is understandable and decisive thanks to the conceptual clarity with which he approaches the creative process based partly on experience and partly on history.


Throughout the Covid pandemic and due to the lockdown of the foundries, he started doing ink on paper drawings.  The Chinese ink imprints on heavyweight paper, revealing the profiles, sections and shadows of already existing sculptural pieces. 


Udaeta studied and started off in the field of Industrial Design, working in Canada and Europe up until 1980, at which point he set up headquarters in Sant Feliu de Guixols, devoting himself to sculpture. From there on, he creates his pieces for Private Collections, Public Spaces, Museums, and Foundations.